MainCrafts4U at  AND Main Groming And Crafts Presents;
YOUR Ideas, Or Ours; Images, Pictures, Photos installed in our Products FREE.
Your Permission given to use, earn Free gifts. Elaine customizes  your Pets And
People, for 'Our Album'.
For this We  Award You with Gifts To Thank You.. No Publications Used.

'Custom Gift Art,Original Products. Crafts Created-Give us your ideas.
Free Personalizing never out of style
'Artistic Grooming Service for Pets and Their People,Originally
'Maine Pet Supply Grooming AND Crafts' in Maine Township Illlinois.

Teeth brushed only $10. All pets Anxiously await their treat bag from Gene
after Elaine Grooms from 10am to 4 Pm. Healthy Pets return on time with Gene's
call, & reminding of appointments are appreiated.

See more in *
MainGroomings page.
*Soft Sculpture Breed look Alikes per Order, Huggy Pals entice All Ages.
*Allergy Free Pure Fine Silver, Hot, Hot, rare,carved of your photos.
Elaine carves *99.9% fine silver, Carved Silver Of Photos.
Braided Leather by Gene.r
Creative Art for Pets and their People with
concideration of 4 legged children.
Elaine Personalizes Gifts Of Photos, Images and Pictures as Elaine'sArt
as HandcraftedCrafted, Hand Painted, Boy's Ties, Adult Ties, Logo Ties,Corporate
LogoTies. Bolo Ties,Your Best Photo Gifts, Creative, Arts, ,Club awards.
All relate to GREAT Gifts as Leeds, martingale combo leed/collars, humane training
collars-leather or webbing, humane stepin harnesses. Fromm and Evanger Foods.
Appointments Appreciated. In Total= we are;
'Artistic Services for Pets, and People'.
Over Forty plus years experience Grooming, Pet & Show.
Contact Us for rates.
'Excellent prices'. Our Fashion Styles, Trophy runs and Judges Gifs are well received
as Customized Gifts.
'New pattern clips, carving designs of leather, fine silver are 'Hot, Rare', Beautiful
Original Idea 'Photo' Gems, Birthstone jewelry, never out of style.
IF NOT, Contact Us.  We Aim to Please.
With Our appetite to learn who knows what we will invent next.
Examples of Elaine's works; #2-choose evening wear abalone, reversing to day wear, pearl
shell' inlay. 'Select Style' Includes sterling chain, matching  bezel, Fancy Bail, FREE matching
18"chain, shipped FREE. All for only $45.00. Original Ideas.
#1=, below-Value Style, Elaine does- bezelset with 1/2 round silver, Bail and black satin cord.
Only $23.00.
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North of Church & South of Emerson St.
All shipping weights to 13 oz. are $1.93. and to 70 lbs Priority are USPS. $5.80.
Contact Us. for additonal Items shipped same pk.  Save Shipping when adding more Items.
See Our BirthStones Page
Your Photo Quartz watches. Leather bands choice of 5 colors, cufflinks, keychains, tiebars.
QUARTZ Watches $24.00
showing your photo choice. Email yours with instructions
Contact Us.
Bracelet-photo charms.
Key Rings, Cuff links, or Tie Bars $15.00ea, with your
Pets  Image Copied to ALL our Products.  
Tie Bars
Cuff Links
Planned Shows;  For Juried Craft Shows, Pet Expos, Fairs.
2 in one pendant-Abelone reversing to Pearl for your photo