Welcome back to our New Site in development;
MainGroomingAndCrafts and ManePtSply.com
Where I Create of your submitted Photos,Pets  or People.
Your ideas or Ours. Permission to use pet photos earn
FREE gifts allowing to install in our Album.
No Charge for processing to our products,I Collect your submitted
photo(s),by email, snail mail or taken @ venues, I resize for
products for several yrs.
I customize your Pets for our album.

With several Testimonials and requests I have developed our new
Wishcloth Hand towels to match our double pile, absorbant 10x13"
Wishcloth/washcloths and 54x30" Wishcloth Towels.

More products soon.

Any question
contactUs. Thank You. Elaine

If You Like What we do-Tell Someone If Not -tell us.
We aim to please.
We satisfy All clients proven x testimonials. Elaine