Introducing Our Newly Invented; Double sided Super High Piled, Thirsty, Fluffy, Quick
Drying 10" x 13" long 100% Cotton Chenille terry 'Wishcloths/Wash Cloth'.
CHOOSE FROM our GREAT COLORS. Most reasonably priced. $10./4pk, $14./6pk,Head Wraps $7.00,
and 30x 54" Large Thirsty Towels $14.00 Each. Elaine surges, Uniquely rounding corners. Reports= "after 2
yrs washing, No fraying". (We will repair any fray).
Gene created a similar style for their large family while growing up.  After 'years", Elaine finally finds best
yardage Creating as offered here.  Elaine took original Wishcloths to her obedience club's trial (RPDTC)
where she gave some to old time members of her club. This created great interests.
1. A lady with 3 Dobie entries wet from the rain did wipe-dry ALL 3 w/one Wishcloth, to Elaine's amazement it
did not drip.

2. While watching Westies  shown at their Grayslake, Il specialty a few weeks later. A lady referred to
purchase 3/6packs. Elaine ="18 Wishcloths?  A nice gift for your family".
The Lady's reply; "these are for my Quarter Horses".

3. Great Gift for Bridal Showers like Grand daughter & New Hubby who enjoy a full set.

A daughter brought to a scheduled show tells: "Mom brought me to you to choose my Wishcloths &
Towels. Packing for college, Mom does not want to relinquish her purchase for our home"

5. Reports from previous purchases="After  2 years of washing, No Fraying". "They do not fray".

Elaine Quips="Babies Coo, BIG MEN do too." Always bringing Smiles.
Westie Models Double Sided Fluffy Chinele Wishcloth Wrap. Drys fast.
Wishcloth Bath Towels, $14.00 ea. $2.00 shipping.
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Super Sized Wishcloth/Bath/Beach Wrap 30x 54". Big Men Too.
$14.00    To inform of color choice above.            
ContactUs Or Inform
in   >
Head Wrap/Face  WishCloth, Same Colors as above.
$7.00 ea.                     Two for $14.00 .                 

Inform of colour choices in paypal or We will return your message sent us in form
Elaine Quips="Babies Coo, BIG MEN do too." Always bringing Smiles.
Best Deals Ever. Soft-Fluffy DoublePile Chinelle WishCloths
$18.00. Shipping $5.10 Priority Shipping.
Inform if other color is prefered.
your needs.
1 Full Bath towel set;
1 Head wrap/Handtowel
topped wih four 10x13
Wishcloths. $35.
Shipping  $8.00.
Pickup is available.
Contact Us for appt. Save
$8,00 shipping set.
Choose colors.
White Wedding Cakes are  
beautiful welcomed Brides'
Shower Gifts..
Each Set=1-54x30" Wishcloth towel,
One Headwrap/hand towel and 4 Wishcloths atop.
Order Yours, Any color combo=
Contact Us.